BreaKing Classic Lesson Mix Part.1【紙ジャケ】



01.The Lesson/DJ Bonbjack
02.Jazz/Doble Dee + Steinski
03.Say Kids(What Time Is It?)/Coldcut
04.She's The One (funky drummer remix)/Tim Rogers
05.It Began In Africa/The Urban All Stars
06.Cramp Rakim/Unknown
07.This CD Is Heart Beat/KeitaMan
08.Trick Me/Kelis
09.KeitaMan's Lesson(classic lesson mix)/KeitaMan
10.La Bambrera/Boca 45
11.Something Going Down Tonight/Ugly Duckling
12.El Caballo Mo Para/DJ Tosh*
13.Lesson 4/DJ Shadow
14.The Xperience/Razorcuts
15.Percussionistics/Westan Roots
16.Roll call/Randow Herose
17.Still Jivin + Slash Dot Dash(KeitaMan Mix)/Hawkeye + Fatboy Slim
18.Madhernconck/Palov & Mishkin
19.Get It On/Sleeve
20.The Boo Boo Song(remix)/The Weedingmen
21.Star The Commotion(dj spinna remix)/The Wiseguys
22.Apachi/Incredible Bongo Band
23.Gone Beats + Dance To The Drummer Beats(KeitaMan Mix)/DJ Day +
Herman Kelly & Life*
24.Acetate Prophets/DJ Nu-Mark And Cut Chemist
25.Brony Dogs/Blood
26.You Hear That?/DJ Format
27.The Art Of Bop Breaking/Cradle
28.You Hear That?/DJ Format
29.English Lesson/DJ Format
30.Sing It Loud/Flying Fish
31.We Did Dat Beat/Sygaire & Defcon
32.The Barracuda/Sygaire
33.Cold Heat Funk Mix pt.2/J.Rocc
34.Davestated (Mr comic store remix)/Andy Lewis
35.So Much Better/The New Mastersounds
36.The Witch(the bamboos version)/The Broken Kyes
37.Roderigo/Lack Of Afro
38.Organ Donor/Left Soul Connection
39.Cash's Dream/Soulive

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